Gourmet Coffee Machines, Convenient Snack Machines & Chilled Bottle Machines.

Pick the machine that's right for your workplace. B&B Vending offer gourmet coffee machines, convenient snack machines, chilled bottle machines and lots more!

Hot Drinks

Keep your employees happy with hot drinks throughout the day or night. We offer two main kinds of hot drinks machines: instant machines and B2C or fresh-brew machines either as a floor standing or tabletop machine. Instant machines use instant ingredients such as freeze-dried instant coffee, to provide great drinks quickly and at the lowest possible price.
B2C or fresh-brew machines emphasise quality. B2C stands for "bean to cup." These machines feature two dedicated brewers. The first grinds whole coffee beans, brews them and mixes them with real milk granules for a coffee-shop quality drink. The other brewer is a dedicated tea brewer that uses real tea leaves for a proper cuppa!

At B&B Vending, we use Douwe Egberts coffee and PG tea in all our machines. We believe using quality products produces a quality drink. 

Cold Drinks

A refreshing cold drink is perfect at any time of day. Our glass-fronted cold bottle vendor provides more than 19 different selections to satisfy all tastes. From your fizzy favourites to energy drinks, juicy flavoured spring waters to milkshakes or iced tea!

Snack Machines

Our snack machines supply all your favourite snacks along with guest lines to keep things interesting. Products include:
• Snacks • Crisps • Flapjacks • Cookies • Sweets


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